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Some customers have children and want to do a family room.  They need low-pile carpet, something multicolored with a pattern that will hide a multitude of sins.  Sisal, made of natural fiber and extremely durable, is a popular choice these days when people are looking for rugged but attractive material that will take punishment.  But if someone is looking strictly for “comfort and coziness in the morning” usually in a bedroom, then they will probably want a plush carpet, which comes in a nylon option.

If someone is looking to replace a carpet for the last time, price is often not the object.  They want to replace it with something that will last.  “They want to buy wool – wool is longevity”,  Coviello said.  “Wool has a natural lanolin in the fibers, which makes it easy to clean.  Also, nowadays, you have a perma-seal that you can treat your carpet with so it will not get stained.  We provide that service,” she said.

Wood Flooring

Hardwood has gained in popularity through the last 10 or 15 years.  Whether it is unfinished,pre-finished or engineered, the value of your property increases greatly. Wood is eco friendly, easy to maintain,and a wise investment.   Adding area rugs..will add warmth to your home and make it quite inviting.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring has come along way through the years offering many many new styles.   Tile is considerably less expensive and offers a clean look. Tile is also hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

Linoleum Flooring

Lino is often mistaken for vinyl, however it is very different.  It has also gone in and out of fashion but is now enjoying a resurgence in popularity.   It’s eco-friendly and less expensive than the above flooring and there are numerous styles.

Granite Countertops

Upgrading to granite countertops can transform a drab kitchen or bathroom into a breathtaking new room. Because granite is a natural stone no two slabs are the same which means no two kitchen or baths will be the identical.

Window Treaments

There are many many brands out there with varying degrees of quality and price points, but Hunter Douglas’ name and reputation speak for itself.  Hunter Douglas has been a staple for window treatments since 1940 and, more importantly, they’re made in the USA.  They’re also energy efficient and come with  a lifetime guarantee.